Thursday, 25 June 2015

Movie Heaven with Kermode & Mayo: Sally Hawkins

The dynamic duo behind the BBC's flagship film show have now added another compelling string to their already illustrious bow. The first in a series of quarterly events held at the modish BFI Southbank, Movie Heaven with Kermode & Mayo sees the charismatic pair interview a distinguished cinematic guest. The ninety minute talk is structured under a unique premise that proposes ‘if you had control of a cinema for one day, which five films would you show?’.

The ideal cinema programme must fall into five strict categories that include children's, family, main feature and a late-night double-bill. This in turn allows a plethora of genres to be explored, alongside emotive firsthand accounts from the chosen guest, who examines the reasoning behind each carefully selected film. The effervescent Sally Hawkins was the first star for the inaugural Movie Heaven, who efficaciously described her liberal upbringing and the filmic influences that dictated her formative years.

Even with her hectically demanding work schedule, Hawkins still finds time to attend matinee screenings regularly with her favourite haunts including Curzon Soho and the Prince Charles Cinema which are revered staples in London's glitzy West End. The succession of films shown throughout the evening, (each with immersive accompanying clips) had principal themes of darkness and mystery rooted at their core. Progressing from Time Bandits and Pulp Fiction to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Mulholland Drive and Don't Look Now, it was an adrenaline inducing selection that had the audience spellbound.

After basking in a fervidly intense showcase the night was rounded off in an explosion of laughter with Laurel and Hardy's Blotto (this was to compensate for Hawkins' less than family friendly choice of Pulp Fiction, for said category). It was a side achingly joyous finale which proved that laughter is truly infectious.

A triumphant start for Movie Heaven - keep your eyes peeled for the next event.


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