Saturday, 14 February 2015

Big Hero 6

Any Disney release is certain to be a substantial cinematic affair and the affectingly engaging Big Hero 6 is no different. Finally moving away from their synonymous musical, fairy-tale inspired princess schtick, Disney set about adapting Marvel's (Disney acquired the rights to Marvel Entertainment in 2009) little known comic book Big Hero 6. This Oscar nominated animation follows 14 year old Hiro Hamada, a tech savvy robotic genius who has a penchant for illegal back-alley bot fighting. Fearing Hiro is wasting his potential and talent, older brother Tadashi ushers his junior sibling into the awe inspiring Institute of Technology to meet his like minded friends and their eclectic inventions, much to Hiro's delight.

When a grievous accident befalls the city of San Fransokyo (a portmanteau of San Francisco and Tokyo), Hiro teams up with his "nerd army" to defeat an anonymous kabuki masked villain who is intent on destroying their city. In amongst transforming themselves into high-tech warriors, we meet Baymax the cuddlesome healthcare droid, who is an amalgamation of a marshmallow and a tyre-less Michelin Man. Baymax provides much of the heart and soul in this action packed romp, juxtaposing this with the much needed (at times) comic alleviation, uttering giggle inducing phrases such as "Balalalala" and "I am not fast".

Delicate issues such as grief and teen angst are punctiliously navigated, ensuring that the younger audience is never patronised and can subtly identify with the sensitive topics whilst still being immersed in the onslaught of action. This superhero animation is a sure-fire treat this half-term, with Big Hero 6 steering clear of the usual strength and brawn showcased in most comic book films, instead opting to champion intellect in a glorious multicultural surrounding. Including an enchanting pre-feature short entitled Feast about one man's love life seen through the eyes of his beloved dog Winston, the latest creation from Walt Disney Animation Studios could well sweep to Oscar victory next Sunday.       


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