Friday, 20 June 2014

The Borderlands

Ever since the pioneering found footage films Cannibal Holocaust and The Blair Witch Project hit multiplex screens back in the early 80's and late 90's to terrify, shock and appal cinema goers, this hand held camera sub-genre has taken off in a substantial way. Yet over the last decade the market has become over saturated with many sub par/dismal offerings in this ever increasing genre, so when a decent one finally makes the rounds it requires to be championed. Elliot Goldner's début feature film employs some clichéd concepts found in countless found footage films, yet where others have failed The Borderlands succeeds by delivering genuine bona fide scares.

With sinister paranormal activities being reported in a isolated west country church, a trio including a pair of bickering brothers who are both Vatican priests and a sceptical tech assistant are sent to rural Devon to debunk and disprove the eerie goings on in this secluded church. The unlikely trio remain doubtful for most of the film as to the alleged supernatural incidents, but events take a spine chilling turn for the worst as all hell breaks lose. The climax is claustrophobic and horrifying which leads to an ambiguous ending, which in most cases is frustrating but in this instance is perfectly suited and justified. Considering the micro budget, Goldner has managed to craft a refreshingly unnerving film with engaging and believable characters, in an otherwise lack lustre genre. The Borderlands produces a menacing tension throughout, which recent mainstream horror films i.e. Devil's Due could only dream of creating. So turn the lights out, grab a pillow and prepare yourself for a proper British chiller.

The Borderlands is available on DVD and for download now.


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